Beacon was a "good kid" in school. He gave off the impression that he had it all together. But like many of us, it was just an act. What his teachers, friends, and even his parents did not know was that he had been through his own share of abuse.

    In 3rd grade, Beacon was abused by a distant relative. The abuse continued until 8th grade. He carried that very heavy secret in silence and it began to wear him down. He did not tell anyone until he was 19.

    Eventually, he shared what had happened to him and started the beginning of his recovery. Now he travels all over the United States sharing his story with students to let them know they are not alone. "Life has a way of tearing you down," says Beacon. "We try to distract ourselves, think positively, and run away from problems. But often times, until we face our problems head on, we do not find a REAL answer."

    “So many young people are struggling in secret,” says Beacon. “Suicide rates are skyrocketing, and many kids are wrestling with depression, anxiety, addiction and mental health. My goal is to show young people that regardless of the obstacles in their way, they can overcome.”